Business Planning & Change Management

We use our business insights and field experience to make sure you’re business is steering in the right direction, by carrying out a full business review in accordance to your long term brand objectives. We look at your financial and monetisation structures and overall business proposition, to evaluate whether change is needed, and then put a plan in place to aid your transition.  We know that coherent and effective business planning alongside managing change effectively to keep up with trends and market changes is key to your business success. We work strategically on your side to aid your success. 

Brand Launch & Growth Strategy

When you are launching a brand, there are so many aspects which need to be taken into consideration. We work as your official launch partner to cover each aspect and make sure you are set up for success and continuing growth, from designing the most effective launch project plan, getting your brand positioning correct, reaching out to the correct audience, planning your pre-launch/launch events and advising on the right PR and endorsements. We ensure you have the perfect start to your new venture and brand, and work to help you meet your growth targets.

PR & Influencer Strategy

To fly, you need the right exposure and associations. We help you to create an optimised PR plan, using modern influencer expertise to position you effectively with the right people. This means we obsess over really defining your audience and driving three-way-conversations, activating relationships between you and influencers through joint social media pieces, experiential campaigns and live events. We set the right conversations to help you achieve the endorsements you desire, in a world which has transformed to valuing real life conversations and interactions, due to higher levels of consumer awareness.

Brand Identity & Positioning 

Brands that are experientially-led and strongly proactive are currently leading. Our primary aim to make you disrupt current standards, and lead through your brand identity- with a higher level value proposition to your competitors. Our priority is to create new ways for your brand to lead and think, through your branding, whilst staying true to who you are and your authentic story. We will work with you to create a consistent visual and experiential brand narrative that has a compelling tone and message – is likeable and elicits a social experience, with the purpose of allowing your brand to stand out and win market share. 

PartnerShips & Sponsorships  

Successful business form the right partnerships and relationships with key influential groups, brands and people that are strategic to their aims, audiences and stakeholders. We work hard to put the right partnerships strategy in place for your brand and to identity sponsorship opportunities which can rocket your business growth in the direction you would like to go. We build on your brand proposition to create the right proposal for your targeted sponsors and partners, making sure your company benefits and strives closer to its long term goals through opportunities that are created.

Personal Branding & Management   

Your personal brand steers your business direction and growth… which is why it needs to be on point. We start with the end in finish, figuring out your long term goals and strategically putting the right journey into place to get you there. We work with you to create the right touch-points (ie website, leaflets, social media) that aid your growth and make the introductions that will get you to the places you want to go. We are your personal brand management, steering every decision you make and leading you, step by step, to your desired outcome. 

Events, Experiential & Pop Ups   

Events are a great form of marketing, a way to allow consumers to experience your brand and interact in a live setting. We can drive your experiential and live strategy forward, helping you to plan and execute your pop up or branded event seamlessly, from creating the concept, choosing the venue, securing talent & entertainment, and creating the right user journey which sells your brand strategically. From sales events, to promotional events, to simple champagne receptions, we can help you to create the perfect events strategy which compliments your business. 

Innovation & Creative Disruption   

Innovation means to have new ways to deliver your brand promise; to push boundaries and disrupt current industry models and expectations. This is at the core of The Fiena Group and we work hard to always innovate and disrupt. In fact this is one of our core internal values. We know what innovation is, and how to create it, and we strive to deliver on one-off innovation projects and through continually implementing creativity & innovation in every project we take on. 




Creative Marketing & Media Planning 

We have in-depth knowledge and expertise on planning and executing campaigns across broader marketing and media channels, and can work with you to achieve the exact outcome that you are after. We are able to advise and consult, and work with you to plan creative, put strategy together, liaise with the right media agencies to optimise your return on investment and overall campaign reach. We are on your team and you can trust us to look out for you every step of the way using our brand planning basis and innovation skill set to make sure the campaign runs effectively, from start to finish.